Why Walk the Labyrinth?

labyrinthkapaluawalkerDear Eve,

Can you tell me more about the labyrinth and what I would get walking it? I’ve heard about it, but don’t really get why I’d want to “walk around in circles” when it seems like I do that all day long! Thanks.



I cannot tell you what you, specifically, will get out of the labyrinth walk because it is a personal experience, different for everyone. With that said, I can tell you how to get the most out of the labyrinth walk and assist you in understanding why you might want to try it. I can also help you see how to gain benefit while you are “walking around in circles all day long!”

Without going into any of the history, the “labyrinth” I’m referring to is not a maze; there is only one path to the center and the same path brings you back out. I have found it to be the perfect “practice ground” for all of the essential life skills that I teach. The skills can be practiced and mastered on the labyrinth and then applied in your relationships and daily life.

As you walk into the labyrinth, the object is to practice self-observation. In my experience this is one of the most important skills that we can develop. Self-observation brings about awareness. When we are aware of what we are doing and thinking, we realize we have the power to choose differently if what we are thinking or doing are not serving us. When we find our minds wandering as we walk, we can practice focusing on the present moment, on the walk.

When we become aware of what we are experiencing on the labyrinth, we can look at what that represents metaphorically in our lives. For instance, if you are bored on the labyrinth, boredom is probably an issue in your life. If you judge others on the labyrinth, judgment is your issue. If you worry about what people are thinking of you as you walk, your need for approval is your issue. So the labyrinth acts as a sort of microscope shining light on the areas of our being that may need a little shifting. In addition, it serves as a place to experience peacefulness and calm, where we can quiet the busy-ness of our minds and really listen to the whisper of our hearts. We can gain clarity as we walk, receive answers to our questions, let go of stress and discover richer aspects of our being.

What does that have to do with relationships? Imagine being in relationships when one or both people are self-aware, know how to reduce their stress and access their inner wisdom when problems need to be resolved! The better we know ourselves and the better self-mastery we have, the better our relationships are going to be.

The labyrinth walk can also shine a light on various dynamics of your relationship. Perhaps as you walk, you become aware that you are more comfortable when one partner is leading. Perhaps you realize that you pay so much attention to wondering whether your partner is enjoying him/herself that you don’t pay any attention to enjoying yourself. You may find there are times where you are walking side by side, only to find moments later that you are on opposite sides, going opposite ways. The labyrinth is a rich field of metaphor so what is revealed to you as you walk in partnership will undoubtedly be revealing of issues that could use some awareness. As we simply observe our experience in the labyrinth, we gain valuable insights into our lives and ourselves. The same holds true when you find yourself “walking in circles” throughout your day. Simply become observant and notice what is being revealed to you.

At the very worst you will have a peaceful and pleasant experience. Perhaps that is all you really need!

With Aloha,


Intellectual Foreplay Question of the Week: How would your relationships benefit if you were calmer, clearer and more centered?

Love Tip of the Week: When what we are doing isn’t working, we have to do something different. Remain open-minded to the possibility that the “something different” is something you’ve never tried before or that won’t make sense to you until you do!