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“I  wrote a Q and A Relationship Column in the Maui Newspaper for nearly 10 years, which was extremely popular. People loved the practical application of relationships skills and tools to real-life situations. They stopped me on the street to let me know how the application of these concepts had made a difference in their lifes—making them happier and their relationships healthier. Consequently, I decided to film the Q and A to offer ongoing support in creating more joyful, real-ationships.”

—Eve Hogan

These videos are real questions from real people and Eve’s answers will lead you to real love.

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Einstein said, “You can’t solve problems from the same mindset that created them” In these videos, Eve offers a new perspective, a new mindset and new tools and skills for:

  • Creating healthy, harmonious relationships
  • Enhancing Self-esteem
  • Dating Wisely, Happily and Joyfully
  • Accessing Intuition, Wisdom and Soul-utions
  • Dealing with Loss and Grief
  • Deepening Your Spiritual Life

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