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Shift Your Perspective on Time with a

Spiral Labyrinth Calendar of the Year! 2021

The Spiral Labyrinth Calendar offers a unique perspective of time. Typically, we tend to view time as rectangular units, and months and years as pages on a calendar we can tear off and begin again. On traditional calendars, there is no connection to the past of the future.The Spiral Labyrinth Calendar helps us recognize that these seemingly isolated units called months are, indeed, connected in time, one flowing seamlessly into the next.Spirals, and labyrinths, are symbolic of the spiritual journey or quest. In keeping with this tradition, the Spiral Labyrinth Calendar will lead you through your own spiritual pilgrimage of life, each moment a step on your pathway through time.

2016setThe Spiral Labyrinth Calendar Kit is a tremendous tool for your own self-discovery. The kit includes three black and white 11″ x 17″ posters, as seen above, a free set of markers and a brochure with directions and suggested uses so you can color code and watch your own personal patterns emerge. As you color in your days, your own personal patterns emerge, revealing to you your use of time, the ebb and flow of your life and connections between apparently unrelated events in your health, moods, energy, etc.

Three calendars allow you to track different aspects of your life—health, finances, romance—whatever your heart desires. 

Anything you can color code, you can track on your Spiral Labyrinth Calendar! Just color in the days that hold meaning to you and watch the patterns emerge!

($18.95 +$3.50 shipping and handling includes set of 3 calendars, directions and markers)

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“Love Knows the Path by Heart”
Eve Hogan, The Way of the Winding Path


How to Read Your Calendar:

Look closely at the center of the spiral on your calendar. You’ll see the beginning numbered compartment is 1/1, representing January 1, 2020. Each day of January follows, spiraling out in a clockwise direction. February first is labeled 2/1, and so on. The days of the week encircle the spiral. To find the corresponding day of the week for any date:1) Locate the month (The first of each month is in bold—1/1, 2/1, 3/1…)2) Trace through the spiral until you find the number date;3) Then, simply move your finger straight out to the edge of the circle and…4) There you will find the day of the week. For example, locate 1/1, January 1, again; follow out through the line of numbers to the edge of the circle; note that January 1, 2021 is on a Friday. Try it for your birthday!

Use the Spiral Labyrinth Calendar to track personal patterns in:

Health: Headaches • Menstrual Cycles • Fertility • Energy • Exercise • Healthful Eating • Quitting Smoking • Sobriety • Medications • Fatigue • Sick Days • High Energy • Doctors Visits • Massages • Treatments

Emotions/Moods: Happy • Sad • Depressed • Joyful • Anxious • Calm • Focused • Fearful • Peaceful

Business/School: Income • Paydays • Successes • Homework • Productive • Stagnant

Spirituality: Meditation • Worship • Labyrinth Walks • Affirmations • Studies • Service

Personal Interests: Self-Esteem • Astrology • Moon Cycles • Holidays • Vacations

Relationships: Dates • Birthdays Time with Parents, Children, Spouse, Sweetheart, Colleagues • Alone

Click here for more ideas on How to Use Your Spiral Labyrinth Calendar. Let us know how you use your Spiral Labyrinth Calendar!

Vision for the Year: Clarify your vision for the year and focus on it daily—making your desires a reality! Space is provided at the bottom of your calendar for writing in your vision, goals, affirmations or simply words that remind you of your most treasured values.
Energy flows where attention goes! This is a powerful part in Creating the Time of Your Life!

Creator of the Spiral Labyrinth Calendar

Eve Eschner Hogan, creator of the Spiral Labyrinth Calendar, is an inspirational speaker, labyrinth facilitator and author of The Way of the Winding Path: A Map to the Labyrinth of Life, The EROS Equation: A Soul-ution for Relationships, How to Love Your Marriage: Making Your Closest Relationship Work, Intellectual Foreplay: Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-Be, Virtual Foreplay: Making Your Online Relationship a Real-Life Success, and co-author of Rings of Truth. Eve is available for self-mastery coaching and workshops. She will guide you to recognizing that you are the artist of the masterpiece of your life.

“Time itself is cyclic, and by the spiral of its returning seasons we review the progress and growth of our own understanding. Life is a path ‘through” time, and therefore a continuum, since it returns and yet flows on, it is a spiral. Only if it were possible to come back to the same point in time could it be a circle. Any circular movement carried into the fourth dimension (of space-time) becomes a spiral; which is why apparently cyclic processes in time never repeat themselves. Even the earth’s orbit round the sun is a spiral in time, and every year is different.”
—Jill Purce, The Mystic Spiral

“The Labyrinth is an archetype, a divine imprint, found in all religious traditions in various forms around the world. It is an ancient tool used for spiritual pilgrimage. It is an archetype, a master pattern, that leads to healing, self-knowledge and finding our purpose in life. It was used for centuries in personal spiritual practice, and is currently enjoying a renaissance after a 350 year hiatus. The labyrinth has only one path so there are no tricks to it and no dead ends. The path winds throughout and becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives; it touches our sorrow and releases our joys.”
—Lauren Artress, Walking a Sacred Path

“I use my labyrinth calendar to keep track of my workouts. It really helps me visibly SEE how much exercise I’m getting….and when I’m not!”
—Jane, workshop participant

“It wasn’t until I started tracking my migraine headaches on my Spiral Labyrinth Calendar that I realized the connection between my periods and my headaches—because they don’t happen together. By color coding them on the calendar over several months I discovered the pattern…my headaches come every month the exact same number of days after my period is over! My doctor and I used this valuable connection to address the real cause.”
—Vicky, workshop participant

“I love being able to see the whole year in one glance! I have never seen a calendar like this before.
I use it to track my spiritual practices and rituals.”
—David, workshop participant

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