Book: The EROS Equation: A SOUL-ution for Relationships


My new book! The EROS Equation: A SOUL-ution for Relationships! JUST RELEASED! JANUARY 2014!

Einstein said, ” We can’t solve a problem from the same mindset that created it” but that is exactly what we do in the realm of relationships. We keep doing the exact same things but expecting different results. The EROS Equation offers the “something different” to do…

After spending a lifetime blaming others or circumstances, it can be a painful experience when we first acknowledge the fact that we are capable, powerful human beings and that the only thing that has ever stood in our way is our belief that we are not. The moment we decide to take responsibility for everything in our lives, we are no longer victims. The exhilaration comes as we practice applying our responsibility and we see the new results. We become contagiously happy. Life becomes fun, a game to played, a joy to experience, an adventure to be tackled, a blessing for which to be thankful, rather than a dreary existence to be survived or endured until it is over. The EROS Equation is the method for doing so.” —Jack Canfield,

The Eros Equation is a simple, to the point book revealing the common problem in relationships, the # 1 obstacle to love and the solution for making relationships work.

We live in a society of blame and victimhood. We think everyone else is the source of our problems, and we look outside of ourselves for the solutions to our problems. We let fear cause us to manipulate others in attempt to be loved. Somehow we have come to the conclusion that the only way we can be happy is if everyone (and everything) else changes. In fact, our behaviors in relationships are so insane, it is as if the target (healthy, happy relationships) is due north, so we are walking due south in the hopes that we will get there.

Through real-life examples and stories, the author shows the reader what they are doing that doesn’t work, and how doing the exact same thing will only create more of the exact same problem. She then helps you to see your life through a different lens —one of choice, power and creativity. Once we tap into these resources, our ability to create healthy relationships is simply a breath away.

The Eros Equation will reveal what our options are when something happens and how to use our wisdom, intuition and creativity to choose responses that will lead where we want to go.

Suffering is optional. Success in relationships is a choice. Everyone else may seem like the problem, but YOU are the solution.

The EROS Equation is your guide to healthier, happier relationships in every area of your life.

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Table of  Contents





Part One: The Mythology of Love

Chapter 1: Eros: The God of Love

Chapter 2: Our Personal Mythology

Chapter 3: Making Meaning


Part Two: The Common Denominator: You

Chapter 4: Who You Really Are

Chapter 5: The Role of Self-Esteem in Relationships

Chapter 6: The Key to Your


Part Three: Ego Battleships vs. Real-ationships

Chapter 7: The Number-One Obstacle in Relationships

Chapter 8: The Ego Magnet

Chapter 9: The Need for Control

Chapter 10: The Need for Approval

Chapter 11: How Relationships Work…and Then Don’t

Chapter 12: Restoring Balance and Authenticity


Part Four: The EROS Equation

Chapter 13: Event + Response = Outcome & Solution

Chapter 14: Putting EROS to Work


Part Five: The Response Options

Chapter 15: Negotiation

Chapter 16: Resistance

Chapter 17: Acceptance

Chapter 18: Getting Out


Part Six: Essential Life and Love Skills

Chapter 19: Remember (or Discover) Who You Really Are

Chapter 20: Identify Your Target

Chapter 21: Self-Observe

Chapter 22: Choose to Let Go

Chapter 23: Recalibrate to Your True Nature

Chapter 24: Take Aligned Action


Part Seven: The Guideposts of Integrity

Chapter 25: Define Your Values

Chapter 26: Claim Your Ethics

Chapter 27: The Path of Self-Mastery


Part Eight: Managing Emotions and Change

Chapter 28: The Beauty of Fear

Chapter 29: Understanding the Mountain of Emotions

Chapter 30: One Hundred Percent Response-Ability

Chapter 31: Change the Moment, Change the Relationship


Part Nine: The Soul-ution

Chapter 32: Train Your Brain to Start with Heart

Chapter 33: Simply a Choice


“This illuminating book is filled with uncommon sense. Eve Hogan offers a penetrating understanding of what makes relationships great. Anyone who absorbs these rich principles and puts them into action will grow and advance immeasurably in the most important relationships.”
— Alan Cohen, author of Don’t Get Lucky, Get Smart

“The EROS Equation puts love back where it belongs; on the top of everyone’s priority list! The perfect combination of head and heart that adds up to accessing your own genius at love. Hogan’s a bonafide relationship connoisseur bent on helping every last one of us find and enjoy true love!
—Maryanne Comaroto, talk show host and author

“Eve Hogan has mastered the base line of behavioral psychology and the classic ERO model and by actually living it has evolved it into the EROS Model—WOW! Seldom do you actually get to read powerful words from someone who actually lives them, here Eve takes you from where you are to where you must be to actualize life’s greatest present—LOVE! This book and Eve’s Six Simple Principles make application and accelerated life growth attainable. Get it, read it, live it!”
— Dr. Jeffrey Magee, PDM, CSP, CMC, Human Capital Developer, publisher and best-selling author

“The EROS Equation is the ultimate book on relationships and personal growth. Eve leads relationship education and teaches beside such notables as Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Ecker, Bob Circosta of Home Shopping Network, and Sharon Lechter, along with “me.” This book is a game changer for all of us.”
— Berny Dohrmann, Chairman CEO SPACE, author of Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution

“Eve’s clear and concise way to help you understand the power of Eros, the  toxicity of bla me and the value of self responsibility guides the reader to,  when applied, have their best relationship yet.”

—Dr Kevin Ross Emery

“The Eros Equation is a simple formula that will transform your life. This book drives home the simple truth that everything in your life is a result of your choices—choices about what you think, what you read, watch, listen to, what you say and how you act. If you want something different, you have to do something different. This book offers the reader “the something different” to do, in order to shift into high gear and make their relationships—and their lives—work better.”

—Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and coauthor of The Success Principles

“The EROS Equation, Eve Hogan’s best work to date, holds the secret for transforming relationships and lives from drama-driven to Spirit-driven, from ego-based to wisdom-based. All this happens in one simple choice to honor our authentic selves — no matter what. Eve is a master at showing us how and has wowed me for years.”
—Lisa Nichols, Author of No Matter What, Expert in The Secret

“Creativity is seldom recognized as a critical ingredient for healthy relationships. In The EROS Equation, Eve Hogan shares how to tap into our creative spirit to solve problems from higher levels of creative consciousness. A powerful perspective.”
~ Barnet Bain, Producer What Dreams May Come, The Celestine Prophecy and Co-host of Cutting Edge Consciousness Radio

“Simple, eloquent and captivating. I recommend this book Highly.”

 —Greg S. Reid, Best selling Author/Filmmaker

“What I love most about The Eros Equation is Eve’s ability to meet people where they are. Then she elegantly offers subtle egoless “Invitations” that allow the reader to reflect upon what emotional state best serves their well being.”

—Lisa Lockwood, Author: Reinventing You: The 10 Best Ways to Launch Your Dream Career

“If A.R.T. is an acronym, The EROS Equation is a work of ART.  In it, Eve offers a deep Awareness of whole truth, a continuous commitment to Refining the soul and helping others do the same, and a unique process of Transformation that can take anyone from where we are to where we want to be. Eve is truly are an artist of being fully alive and shows us how to make our relationships our masterpieces.”

—Dan Clark, CSP, CPAE Hall of Fame Speaker New York Times Best Selling Author Founder/CEO of The Art of Significance Leadership Development Corporation

“The Eros Equation is Amazing!  Serious seekers of a passionate, purposeful life must read Eve Hogan’s masterful collection of REAL wisdom. This book connects the dots. I’m blown away…and you will be too.”

—David M. Corbin, Author of Illluminate: Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking.

“Eve is a special soul and her work has had a profound effect on my personal journey. Now The EROS Equation can have a profound impact on you! This book contains what everyone wants to know—how to make relationships work. This book should be required reading for everyone.”

—David Stanley, Writer / Producer and a Author of Conversations with the King: Journals of Apprentice

“Like the gentle voice and outstretched hand of a loving friend, your greatest success is Eve’s only concern. Your heart, your home and your happiness depend on you. Your journey to the best in life and love begins and ends with you. The EROS principles are here to guide you. Start now!”

—Lauren Solomon, Award-winning Image and Style Expert, Best Selling Author, Speaker and President of LS Image Associates, Inc.


Review by Publisher of Spirituality and Health Magazine

This is a dangerous book. It asks a seemingly simple question; what do you really want? It then shows you that you can have it. You can be happy, content, fulfilled, and nurture your hearts desire. A scary thought for most is the idea that “a book” once read can unlock the power in us to have what we really want.

At Spirituality and Health Magazine we did a poll of our readers and overwhelmingly they wanted [personal] TRANSFORMATION. I laughed at this and said, “No they don’t want to transform. They want the world to transform around them. They want the world to change how it relates to them.”  How do i know this? Because I want the world to change the way it responds to me. I want everyone to be super nice to me, to ask me really sincerity,  “How is it going?” and then listen intently to my answer. Not just listen, but also I want them to do everything in their power to “make me happy or give me what I want.” I know others can’t make me happy. I know that others can’t make me “feel secure” or loved.

So, this is a dangerous book, because it says we can be happy, we can be in healthy relationships, we can be fulfilled; we can have what we really want. And this transformation is not dependent on anything outside our control.

So right now, on cue, your ego is saying to you, ”This isn’t possible, I can’t have it all”. Or perhaps your ego is telling you, this is probably just like that “self help” book you read years ago, and your older now so don’t risk it, stay in the comfortable rut waiting for someone to “transform” you.

I can tell you that if you read, listen and act on the wisdom of this remarkable, well-written, funny, engaging book, you will have transformation. You will have happier relationships, and you will smile more. I bought 100 of ‘em for family, friends and co-workers, and i sincerely believe that if this book was required reading the world and even the readers of Spirituality and Health Magazine would get the transformation that they are asking for.

—Paul Sutherland, Author; Virtue of Wealth, Publisher Spirituality and Health Magazine