Workshop Topics

Eve is available for workshops and keynote presentations for colleges, organizations, corporations and conferences.
workshops can be custom tailored to meet the needs of your organization, time considerations—from a keynote to several days, and ages—from school children to senior citizens. Eve is also excellent at spur-of-the-moment presentations if you have a last minute cancellation that requires an immediate replacement!
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The Spirit of Aloha at Work
Gain skills for effective and powerful communication
Build esteem on the team
Work with not against co-workers and clients
Learn how to make your actions and words purposeful
Create an environment that fosters creativity, productivity and achievement
without sacrificing joy,friendship and satisfaction

E+R=OS—A Simple Equation for Powerful Solutions
Learn how to solve problems with a formulat that works every time
Access your own inner wisdom
See resources, options and solutions that eluded you before
Remove the obstacles to your happiness

A Map for Navigating The Labyrinth of Life
• Activate the creativity of your right brain
Release stress and gain clarity
Discover creative solutions
Engage your concentration and focus
Discover metaphor as a powerful teacher

Gaining Wealth From Your Worth
• Develop and maintain integrity
Learn how an internal shift can radically change your external world
Become more confident and assertive
Discover creative solutions
Remove the ego obstacles that block achievement
Learn critical communication skills
Control your output, regardless of the input
Stop playing the blame game

Organizing Your Thoughts and Research for a Book, Presentation or Report
Manage research from various sources
Learn brainstorming techniques that allow creativity to flow
Create easy to alter outlines
Discover how to speak and write from the heart

Train Your Brain to Start With Heart
•Understand and master the Five Essential Life Skills
Learn to work with people authentically
Create powerful, effective relationships—in all areas of your life
Discover the difference between ego and self-esteem

Managing Emotions So They Don’t Manage You
•Develop the skills of self-obervation and choice
Fine tune the power of taking personal responsibility
Learn the truth about anger and how to transform it

Relationship Topics are also available in Keynote and Workshop formats.

Personal relationships take up a tremendous amount of time and energy—whether we are trying to find one, improve one or get rid of one. While the divorce rate is nearly 60%, the “unhappy relationship rate” is even higher than that.

The mental and emotional toll on the workplace and productivity can be tremendous. In addition, poor on-the-job relationships can also interfere with people’s ability to be effective at work. Relationship skills are imperative and yet few, if any, are taught in the schools.

Organizations that provide this service for their employees with reap the rewards both with happier and more productive workers.

Let’s Talk About Love
This presentation will take a look at your love life—what you are creating and what you want to create—and offer some skills and tools for creating the love of your life and creating healthy relationships in every area of your life. No more excuses…prioritize love in your life! Like Eve’s TV show by the same title and her column in the Maui Weekly, With Aloha, some time will be devoted to answering specific questions from participants. Elements of Eve’s books, Virtual Foreplay, Intellectual Foreplay and How to Love Your Marriage will be incorporated.

Looking for Love? Dating in the twenty-first century…
Eve will share her tips and tools from Intellectual Foreplay: Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-Be and Virtual Foreplay: Making Your Online Relationship a Real-Life Success. People tend to choose their partners by “looks good” and “feels good,” rather than taking the time to see if the relationship IS good. Learn to make the right choice in partners, and to be the right choice AS a partner. Curious about the world of online dating? You and 28 million others! Discover how to make your email more romantic, how to use online dating to expand your interpersonal skills and which sites to explore. Learn the safety dos and don’ts and utilize this amazing tool of the Internet to discover your soul and your mate!

Creating Powerful Relationships
Discover, recreate or maintain the elation (joy) in your rELATIONships. Whether or not your partner participates, you have tremendous power for creating harmonious relationships. Understand and master the EROS equation, learn to move from anger to love via the path of emotions in between, and transcend your approval and control issues. Sound impossible? Change is simply ONE MOMENT away. (This is a tremendously useful course, whether you’re married, in a personal relationship or not! Applicable to any relationship—work, home, etc.)

Personal Empowerment: Essential Life Skills
Even the most public of figures wrestle with self-esteem, achieving their goals, managing self-talk, communicating authentically. Discover the secrets of true empowerment and leave not only believing you can do whatever you set out to do, but also having the SKILLS and the TOOLS you need to do so.

The Art of Solving Problems and Giving Advice (to yourself…or others!)
Eve has served as a relationship advisor to several online dating sites for many years. Her goal is not to solve problems for other people, but to teach them the skills and tools they need to help themselves. In this workshop she will share the framework she uses to solve problem and guide people so that they can learn to guide themselves (and their friends) when new troubles emerge.

Self-Esteem Themes for Parents and Teachers
Relationships were the all important “R” left out of the three “R’s taught in school. We must be the ones to teach our children how to respect themselves and get along with others. How can we help our kids to treat themselves, and others, with respect? Eve has worked in the schools for many years as an educator and counselor and trained extensively with Jack Canfield in enhancing self-esteem in children. Discover “Self-Esteem Themes” that you can use in any given teachable moment. Practical, fast and immediately applicable— key components to your already busy life. Train your brain to start with heart and you’ll teach your children to do the same.

Labyrinth Workshops

Eve offers workshops both about the labyrinth itself, and incorporating the labyrinth as an experiential tool for mastering many of the principles she teaches. Eve has two portable, canvas labyrinths that can be brought to your event or conference.

Full Moon Labyrinth Walk
Eve has been offering a full moon labyrinth walk on Maui for over a decade. This is a very special event that provides both an introduction to labyrinth walking and a deep, personal experience. This can be provided elsewhere as well with her portable labyrinth.

Through the Labyrinth: Into the Heart
Experience the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth as a laboratory for mastering the steps to Divine Alignment and gaining essential life skills.
Mastering these steps will allow you to walk your spiritual path no matter where you are, or what you are doing with full authenticity, integrity and joy. The labyrinth is an ancient path of self-discovery, and prayer and a powerful tool for experiencing peace.

Discover Your Heart Path: Step Firmly Onto Your Path for the New Year!
This day-long, experiential workshop will explore your passions, your emotions and your life purpose. We will be learning, sharing, walking the labyrinth and setting a clear vision for the New Year. Put “The Secret” Law of Attraction to work, and gain essential life skills to empower you to create the life you wish to live! This course combines elements of “Through the Labyrinth, Into the Heart,” “Creating the Time of Your Life” and “Personal Empowerment.”

Labyrinth Facilitator Training
Eve incorporates many of the traditional uses of the labyriinth but she also has learned to expand the boundary of the labyrinth for mastering essential life skills as well. She offers a workshop for those already familiar and working with the labyrinth to expand their ability to use the labyrinth in a myriad ways. Personal growth, relationship work, processing emotions and building self-esteem are but a few of the topics that labyrinth work can address.

Creativity Topics—Writing, Publishing and Presenting
In addition to writing her own books, Eve served as the Senior Editor for Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul, working closely with Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. She also served as a writing coach and developmental editor for several years.
These experiences fine-tuned her understanding of the elements of writing and powerful self-expression, which she shares in her presentations to up and coming authors, speakers and students.

 Tools for Speaking and Writing…
Do you have a book inside of you but don’t know how to get started? Do you want to improve your public speaking skills? Eve will share tips on how to organize your thoughts into powerful words of communication. Eve is currently working on books for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and will share tools for writing inspirational stories from your own life experience, as well as exercises for breaking through writer’s block and public speaking fear.

Writing Your Family Memoirs—with a heartwarming twist
Drawing from her experience as Senior Editor for Chicken Soup for the African American Soul, Eve shares the qualities of a great story—the kind that rank a “10” on the Chicken Soup rating scale by making the readers laugh, cry or get goosebumps. She will share “before” and “after” samples of how editing and rewriting have taken stories with a good concept and turned them into great heartwarming stories. The workshop is a great lead in to recording your favorite family memories or simply adding an emotional twist to your other writing ventures.

Creative Self-Expression: Tapping into your creativity through writing
Eve will share exercises and opportunities to tap into your creativity and develop your self-expression. Creative writing is writing for yourself, not necessarily for an audience. It is personal, powerful and fun. This class will help you open the flow of words through journal exercises, and by sharing tools to assist you with the writing process.

Creating the Time of Your Life
Eve has developed a creative time management system that can be used daily or weekly to create a stronger sense of balance and well-being in your life. Discover that not only are you the artist of your life, but time is the canvas upon which you create your masterpiece. This holistic process not only honors the left-brained task oriented part of your being that wants to see accomplishment and results, but also your right-brained process oriented self that loves color, metaphor, balance and creativity. Spiral Labyrinth Calendar of the Year, included.

How to Organize Your Thoughts/Research for a Book, Report, Dissertation or Presentation
o Personal assistance preparing your outline, brainstorming, and developing your idea.
o Gain focus and clarity
o Discover your “voice”
o Identify your message
o Design a presentation that allows you to “speak from the heart”
o Organize research in an easily accessible manner

Refining Your Writing to Match Your Message
Eve will read your material, offer editing suggestions and ask important questions that help you gain clarity, express yourself clearly and reach your target audience.
Clean up your manuscript before marketing to a publisher or agent
Break through writer’s blocks

Writing Your “Chicken Soup Style” Memoirs
Using Eve’s experience as an editor for Chicken Soup for the Soul, she will guide you in how to capture your special memories and family experiences in “soupy” style-sharing the laughter, tears and goose bumps of your personal experiences.
o How to share your family memories
o Writing powerfully to evoke emotion
o Cutting to the chase-learning to see what isn’t relevant

Journal Writing for Powerful Self-Discovery
Eve will share with you the power of writing for self-exploration. Explore the use of your non-dominant hand as a means of:
o Accessing your creativity
o Breaking through writer’s block
o Finding the voice of your inner wisdom
o Having a conversation-in writing-with your inner child

Eve is also offers private relationship and life coaching as well as private and group retreats

If you are interested in any or all of the above workshops, please email, or call 808-243-PATH (7284) so Eve can let you know when it will be offered.