Eve Eschner Hogan

Soul-utions Relationships

We are all seeking solutions for our love problems, health problems, family problems, financial problems…

Carl Jung pointed out that there is a spiritual solution to every problem.

And Einstein pointed out that we can’t solve problems from the same mindset that created them.

To reflect these two truths, what we need are SOUL-utions.

Soul-utions are found when we transcend the ego mind and access our inner strength, wisdom, intuition and creativity. By doing this we bypass the mindset that created the problem and access a spiritual solution that is generated from universal wisdom, compassion, acceptance and understanding.

Below are what I call Six Essential Life Skills for accessing Soul-utions…

When we are in our heads, we are cut off from our hearts, but when we are in our hearts, we can use our heads. These Essential Life Skills allow us to align who we really are and what we want with how we show up (our actions)—making them one and the same. When we are able to do this, we become immensely powerful, are able to reach our goals and are able to experience peace, even in the midst of chaos.


  1. 1.        Remember Who You Really Are—or Who You Want to Be

Remember who you really are or visualize, imagine, discover or invite that aspect of yourself to be revealed. Look to small children. All the beautiful qualities they possess, we possess, too: enthusiasm, joy, energy, creativity, imagination, curiosity, playfulness, honesty, and authentic self-expression. None of these qualities go away as we grow up, access simply gets blocked. By remembering who you really are or simply starting to look, you forge the path to your heart.


  1. 2.        Identify Your Target—consider what you want to create…. 

Do you want a harmonious relationship, a healthy body, a successful business, a family, self-esteem, confidence? In order to get what you want, you need to know where you are aiming.


  1. 3.        Self-Observe

Practice self-observation in every moment of every day. Notice what you are doing, saying and feeling with each step, each word, each thought and each action. Then, ask yourself, “Does this serve me? Does this diminish or enhance the obstacles to my goals?” If your choices do not serve you, or are not in alignment with who you really are, then it is time to make new choices. Self-Observation leads to self-awareness. Self-awareness allows you the opportunity to make choices. The ability to choose those actions that serve you over those that don’t makes you powerful. In order to get where you want to go, you need to know where you currently are in every given moment.


  1. 4.        Make The Choice to Let Go, to Transcend the Ego 

As you encounter the behaviors, thoughts and words that are not serving you, that are blocking access to your heart, take a deep breath and make the choice to let them go. Breathe and let go. You will find that ego is always what blocks our access to love, creativity and true power. Ironically, your need for love and your need to be loved are blocking your ability to be loving and to be loved. When encountering obstacles (the things that don’t feel good) ask yourself, “Is this my need for approval or my need for control that is getting in my way?” Once you identify one need, the other or both, breathe and let go, breathe and let go. When you let go of resistance; you shift into acceptance. Return your attention to your authentic self.


  1. 5.        Get Re-centered, Recalibrate, Get Present 

Every time you stop to self-remember, self-observe, let go, and get centered you have successfully journeyed from head to heart. The present moment opens the door to your authenticity so you can access your creativity, wisdom, strength and intuition. You are now able to be resourceful, re-Source-ful, once-again-full-of-Source. Breathe, reconnect and replenish. When we are resourceful, a multitude of new options and resources become obvious, available and accessible.


  1. 6.        Take Aligned Action 

When your actions (including your thoughts and words) are aligned with who you really are and what you want to create, you become powerful. You are no longer a victim. You are aligning with SOUL-utions to the problem. Your relationships will improve, your joy will return, your energy, creativity, wisdom, compassion, playfulness, curiosity, life purpose and passion will all be accessible once again.

In any given moment in which you feel disconnected, take these simple steps on your heart path.