House Rules

Sacred Garden Retreat House Policy

Quiet Hours are from 9:00pm to 8am during which time the noise from the house or cottage shall not unreasonably disturb adjacent neighbors. Sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries during non-quiet hours shall not be more excessive than would otherwise be associated with a residential area. Amplified sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries is prohibited.

Occupancy in the Log House is limited to 10 people unless children are under two years old.

Please keep the peace in the Garden! This is a drama-free, abuse free zone.

Vehicles shall be parked in the parking area adjacent to the log house or beside the Gingerbread cottage, inside the gated area of the property and shall not be parked on the street.

No parties or group gatherings other than registered guests shall occur without written permission from the owners: Eve and Steve Hogan

Please be mindful that this is “real nature” and be responsible for your safety and well being while exploring the property and monitor children at all times.